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Our facility conducts its programs in the Old Town community of Winston Salem, North Carolina

Please feel free to reach to us and inquire about our programs and volunteer opportunities.

We would like to hear your suggestions and also your testimonials based on your experience as a parent obtaining the services we provide through our programs or as a volunteer giving you valuable time to make this community a better place.

Frequently Asked Questions
How many locations does lcs has?

We currently have one location serving the area around Old Town neighborhood from Winston Salem.

Our vision is to expand our coverage to more neighborhoods and cities in North Carolina.

What type of organization is lcs?

We are a not for profit organization that is sponsored by the personal efforts and donations of our champion individuals and institutions.

What is a Champion?

champion is an individual that supports a nonprofit organization or cause. They are passionate about the organization and its vision for social change and will talk about it to anyone who will listen.

are we open year round?

Our programs run in harmony with the Forsyth County school calendar. Over the summer, we have additional activities to keep the families, kids, and youth engaged in the process of skill learning through a variety of fun activities tailored for that purpose.

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