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For a Better Future

We know that the path to high school graduation begins in infancy and requires the engagement of the whole family in the journey, so we make space for students, parents, volunteers, and community partners to work together to keep children on that path.


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Involved in the community

A Story of Caring

caring since 2006

Latino Community Services has partnered with Latino families to fulfill their educational and economic potential, with hope for a positive and healthy future.

The blessing of a gift

Since our beginnings many champions have sponsored our programs, you can also make a difference and become a hero to these children.

Last Summer Activities

Camp hanes

Outdoor learning activities

adventure sail

Building and Sailing Boats

Swimming Classes

Learning to Swim


Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

What we do

Our Programs

Family Literacy

We perform activities to create a culture of reading for pleasure.


Bilingual Pre-School

Our classes prepare children for kindergarten.


Through the help of our volunteer network, we provide guidance counseling to prepare students for graduation and beyond.

Afterschool Tutoring

We promote academic success through?activities engaging in critical thinking skills and mindset to learn new materials independently.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Knowing that Education is the key to a successful future for every family, We at Latino Community Services?we seek to offer Latino families hope for a positive future and to build bridges between the Latino community and the greater community as we facilitate cross-cultural relationships and bring new understanding and benefits to all.?

Let's make a difference

Do you feel a personal responsibility to help others??We all?have the responsibility to make the world a better place. Join Us and get involved in our programs.

Upcoming Events

Dec 2 - Volunteer Orientation

3 PM Our program leaders will be giving the instructions for the volunteer work for this season.

Dec 2 - Middle & High School Afterschool Program

From 3 PM to 6 PM Our tutoring programs starts for this school year.

LCS family?

Our Team

Odette Sanchez

Executive Director

Francia Cacchione

Child Development Supervisor

Martha Lowry

Youth Tutor

Alex Inoa


Anajahi Inoa

Administrative Assistant

Evelyn Nina

Program Facilitator


How can you help?

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